You can lead your horse to water
and you CAN make him drink......
with Hydration Hay® by Forage Solutions

Simple to prepare and feed, just fill a pail with 5.5 quarts of water (measurements are on the inside of your bucket!) , drop in a brick, wait 10 minutes and feed. All water will be absorbed by the super fine cut of the hay block. Your animals will love it and will also be hydrating with the 5.5 quarts of water at the same time!

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How should YOU use Hydration Hay®? Here's some GREAT ways.....

Having a hard time giving oral medications?
Hydration Hay is a great way to mask the taste of medication. The moist hay is a great way to get oral medications, de-wormers and supplements into your horse, without the fight.

Is your horse suffering from COPD?
Hydration Hay is a perfect way to get consistent quality forages into your COPD horse without the worry of added dust that can irritate the airway of COPD compromised horses.

Is your horse having difficulty utilizing his long stem forage? Does your horse suffer from Diarrhea or loose stool associated with long stem forages?
Hydration Hay along with a complete feed can help older horses that struggle to break down and utilize hay. Hydration Hay will keep them hydrated as well as providing them with a consistently high quality, finely chopped, and easily digestible hay source.

Does your horse turn his nose up at the smell and taste of foreign water when you are on the road?
Most horses prefer the taste of their water from home but Hydration Hay® Horse Hay Blocks mask the “odd” taste of foreign water sources, so you can use local water when on the road. No more hauling large, heavy bales of hay and water from home!


 To Order call us at 908-809-0706 or Email at