What are our customers saying about Hydration Hay®?

"This is Scoot. He is a foundation bred American Quarter horse. Scoot is a 2 time AQHA World Show qualifier and ROM earning horse in Ranch Riding. I use hydration hay during show season to ensure Scoot is staying hydrated at shows. With different water at different facilities, I want to ensure he drinks. Hydration hay does the trick for us. As you can see, he absolutely loves it." J. Adragna, Clinton, PA


 "I love Hydration Hay®! I feed it every morning that I am planning on trailering my horse out for a show. I give her one block in the morning and I know that even if she doesn't drink at the show she at least got a big drink in the morning before we left. I keep a bale in my trailer as it's so easy to transport, and I will give her another block mid day and again in the evening."   C. Smith, New Jersey

"I stopped hanging a hay net after my horse contracted shipping fever on a long trailer ride. I will only hang buckets of hydration hay in the trailer now. No dust, no flying hay pieces to get in their eyes and nose. They come off the trailer good as new." J. Garropo New Jersey

"My horses drastically decrease their water intake in the winter. I love to use hydration hay® at night with hot water - they love the hot treat, and I know they are getting the water they need." C. McClusky Pennsylvania

"I have a 28 year old horse who is prone to colic because he does not eat his hay well and is a poor drinker. My vet turned me onto the Hydration Hay® about a year ago and since starting this fabulous product he has not coliced once! He's drinking better than ever. He has even put on weight. Thank you Hydration Hay®!"

"My old girl started to slow down and had a hard time chewing her hay and is quite picky. I picked up a pack of Hydration Hay® not knowing if it was going to be a waste of my money. From the first bite she has loved the Hydration Hay® and looks forward to her meals. At 32 years old she only eats a senior food and Hydration Hay® and looks better than ever."